As part of the transient dockage registration process, NYC will be asking for the transient yachtsman’s proof of liability insurance information and policy number upon arrival at NYC.
1.    General Rules Pertaining to Transient Yachtsmen.
     a)    All vessels wishing dockage and/or service must register with the Dockmaster, and show evidence of their Private Yacht Club affiliation or a Guest Card of the Club.
     b)    For the purposes of these rules, all House Rules and Regulations shall apply to Transient Yachtsmen, where applicable, in addition to the special rules of this section.
     c)    Transient Yachtsmen, who are Members of the clubs recognized by the Naples Yacht Club, may use the privileges of the Club at the discretion of the management. However, they may not attend Club special events unless invited by a Member.
     d)    Transient Yachtsmen, who are not Members of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, must meet the criteria of the Naples Yacht Club’s By-Laws Article XIV, Section 2, or be a guest as defined by the Naples Yacht Club’s House Rules & Regulations Item 3.
     e)    Each visiting boat not owned by a Member of an F.C.Y.C. Club must be sponsored by a Member of the Naples Yacht Club. Guests may not sponsor other visitors. A Member shall sponsor no more than two (2) guest yachts at one (1) time, and more than one (1) sponsored vessel shall be discouraged. (See item 2. Member Sponsored Guest Yachts.)
     f)    Transient Yachtsmen, who have boats under charter, may use the privileges of the Club at the discretion of the Dock Committee provided that said boats are not used for commercial purposes or for rehire.
     g)    Transient Yachtsmen shall sign checks or chits with their name and member number for any and all purposes.
     h)    Bills for all Transient Yachtsmen will be sent directly to their club.
     i)    Tipping is not permitted except to Dockmasters and Parking Attendants.
     j)    There is no charge for the use of the Spa. General Rules for use of the Spa, as posted, must be obeyed. Children and adults may use the Spa between the hours of 9 A.M.-11:00 A.M. and 2:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M. Children under sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Towels are to be furnished by person using the Spa.
     k)    Other than the Spa, the docks, and on board vessels, “shirtless” attire on the Club property and docks is not proper for Visitors and Crews.
     l)    In accordance with State Beverage Laws, alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Clubhouse nor can packaged goods be taken out of the Clubhouse by anyone.
     m)    The Club reserves the right to require that moorings and dock space be temporarily vacated in order to accommodate boats involved in events scheduled and/or sponsored by the Club.
     n)    Because the slapping of halyards creates a nuisance, sailboat owners are required to tie them off. If this is not done, the Dockmaster is authorized to contact a designated marine service facility to have it done, and the owner shall be liable for the expense.
     o)    Those who use the docking and mooring facilities of the Naples Yacht Club for any reason, including severe weather or hurricanes, will be liable for any damage to the docks, facilities, boats, persons or property, and the Clubhouse properties.
     p)    In the event of a spill of fuel, sewage, or hazardous materials, the Dockmaster has the authority to notify the proper authorities. The boat owner will be responsible for all associated costs.
     q)    If a reservation is not cancelled within 24 hours of the expected arrival, a “No Show” charge will be billed.
     r)    A pumpout charge will be billed to transient yachtsmen not docked overnight at the Club.

2.    Member- Sponsored Guest Yachts
     a)    Dockage and electricity charges for Member- Sponsored Guest Yachts will be billed at the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Members’ rates, except that such yacht will not be entitled to the one day free period.
     b)    Unless special permission is granted by a Flag Officer or the Manager, the length of stay shall be limited to one (1) week.

3.    Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Members
     a)    Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Members will be charged at the current F.C.Y.C. rates with a minimum charge per day plus a daily charge for electricity, television, telephone, etc., for each outlet connected.
     b)    The first 24-hour dockage in any 30-day period will be free.
     c)    Unless special permission is granted by a Flag Officer or the Manager, the length of stay shall be limited to one(1) week per month.

4.    Non-Member, Non-Florida Council of Yacht Clubs Members as defined in the By-Laws under Article XIV Reciprocal Privileges, Section 2-other Yacht Clubs and Section 3-Special Arrangements.
     a)    When a boat is moored, lying in any slip, or alongside the pier or seawall, the rates charged will be the most current as set by the Naples Yacht Club, plus a daily charge  for electricity, television, etc.
     b)    Unless special permission is granted by a Flag Officer, length of stay shall be limited to one () week per year.